Technical specialist for Development Specialist

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olga@bars2.com – Olga Igorevna Domnicheva
navoeva@bars2.com – Lidya Anatolievna Navoeva


Computational Chemistry Specialist

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iakovlevaaa@biocad.ru – Aleksandra Yakovleva

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Scientific secretary of the Conference Dr. Vladimir Mikhaylov
phone/fax: 007-911-7436956
E-mail: info.mendeleev@spbu.ru

26 Universitetskii prospect, Peterhof
St. Petersburg, 198504, Russia
In June 2011, the 5th International Symposium "The Chemistry of Aliphatic Compounds: Advances and Outlook" was held, dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Alexandrovich Dyakonov (the "Father of Diazo Chemistry" in SPbU). More than 100 participants including 20 foreign scientists from 9 countries took part in this event.

The world's leading scientists were the plenary speakers, among them are D. F. Taber (USA), V. V. Fokin (USA), V. Gevorgyan (USA), N.S. Zefirov (Moscow State University), M. Platz (USA), W. Brinker (Austria), H. Heimgartner (Switzerland), A.D. Dilman (IOC, Moscow), K. Maruoka (Japan), G. Mloston (Poland), V.A. Nikolaev (St. Petersburg State University), S.N. Osipov (INEOS), G.S. Singh (Botswana), T. Hansen (Norway), etc.
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